NUVO-Glo™ UV Tiles

Accentuate the steps, sun deck, waterline, and spa of your new pool with 1" and 2" fluorescent tiles!

Add the Perfect Accents to Your New Pool!

NUVO-Glo™ Tiles are resin-based tiles infused with powerful fluorescent materials that light up at night when you turn on your NUVO-Glo™ UV Lights. During the day, the tiles line your steps, spa, and the rim of your sun deck. At night glow brightly to be the perfect accessory to NUVO-Glo™ UV Lighting System.

Choose from Two Daytime Colors in Two Sizes

NUVO-Glo™ Tiles are currently available in two daytime colors, blue and white. Each color is infused with the brightest fluorescent formula on the planet and conditioned to shine brilliantly when your NUVO-Glo™ UV Lights are on at night.

Step Liners that POP!

NUVO-Glo™ 1″ Tiles provide versatility in contour placement. Line the steps of your pool, Baja shelf, or the resting ledge of your spa. Feel free to get creative as well and work with your pool builder to place your tiles in areas you would like to spotlight.

  • Available in two daytime* colors: Royal Blue and White
  • Nighttime* fluorescence: Ice Blue
  • Mesh-fortified for maximum adherence and consistent placement
  • Corner radius-smoothed for even transition from plaster to tile
  • Textured surface for grip compliance required in some states

* Tile colors are referred to as daytime and nighttime colors. “Daytime” color indicates the color you will see when the sun is up. “Nighttime” refers to the color you will see when your NUVO-Glo™ UV Lights are shining on them at night.

Perfect Step and Ledge Spotters!

NUVO-Glo™ 2″ Tiles are perfect spotters for steps, pool markers, spa seating, and much more. They can be placed as liners or separated and placed in a square or diamond shape to add glowing spotlights to your pool.

  • Available in two daytime* colors: Royal Blue and White
  • Nighttime* fluorescence: Ice Blue
  • Mesh-fortified for maximum adherence and consistent placement
  • Corner-beveled to allow for comfortable subtle rising above the surface.
  • Textured surface for grip compliance required in some states

* Tile colors can be lightened or darkened upon request without compromising the fluorescent glow. Please allow four weeks for custom tiles to be manufactured prior to your surface being applied.

My pool turned out amazing! I'm especially pleased with that glow aggregates and tiles we added. An extra special "thank you" to the crew for working with me in advance so that I received my custom tiles in time have my builder install them.

Nik H.Conventry, CT

Colorful by Day and the Ultimate Brightness at Night

NUVO-Glo™ Tiles are formulated to withstand the test of time starting from the day of installation to when it’s time to resurface several years later. Each tile is bright, durable, and formulated to consistently fluoresce, equally, from tile to tile.

Will you have other colors available in the future?

The Royal Blue and White tiles are our standard colors available for immediate installation with the NUVO-Glo UV Lighting System.

We can create custom-colored tiles upon request through your builder upon three (3) weeks advanced notice prior to installation. Please let your builder know what day color you prefer your tiles to be and, in most cases*, we can make it happen.

*Note: Not all colors will fluoresce equally. Lighter shades tend to fluoresce brighter at night.

What makes the tiles light up?

The tiles contain microscopic fluorescent particles that activate when your NUVO-Glo™ UV Lights are turned on. Without the lights, the tiles cannot fluoresce (shine) at night.

Where do you suggest my builder place 1" tiles?

The most common areas where builders will install 1″ tiles is on the ledges of your steps, your sun deck, and spa seating. We have also seen builders create decorative swimming lanes on the bottom of pools as well.

Where do you suggest I place 2" tiles?

2″ tiles provide a lot of flexibility when it comes to where to place them. Your builder will offer plenty of suggestions to inspire your final decision.

Most homeowners place them 6″ to 8″ apart on steps or sometimes just a couple of inches apart. We have also seen builders install them at a forty-five-degree angle to appear as diamonds rather than squares.

Can your tiles be placed as waterline tiles?

They can, however, we don’t recommend it because your tiles need to receive the beam from your NUVO-Glo™ UV Lights. If your tiles are placed above the waterline, the beam will not directly hit them and the brightness may be compensated at night. We recommend you install them underwater.

NOTE: If you place them on steps, please ensure they are placed below the level of your NUVO-Glo™ UV Lights.

Why do your tiles have texture on them?

NUVO-Glo™ Tiles have a fine grip texture on them to conform to various regulations in some states.

During the installation process, the texture of your 1″ tiles will smooth out during the troweling process. The texture will be virtually unnoticeable when the workers have completed your new surface.

Our 2″ tiles are shipped with a protective vinyl adhesive to prevent fine plaster particles from scratching their surface. Once the workers have completed the troweling process, they will remove the vinyl adhesive to reveal the complete tile.

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