NUVO-Glo™ UV Mosaics

Exclusive Glow in the Dark Sea Creatures that Come to Life at Night!

Bring Your Pool to Life at Night!

NUVO-Glo™ Mosaics are exclusively designed mosaics that come to life at night through the power of the NUVO-Glo™ UV Lighting System; they even glow after all the lights go out throughout the night. During the day, mosaics mimic colorful wandering sea life and blend well with your surface. At night, natural oxides in the mosaics tiles glow brightly to look like the glowing creatures of the ocean.

Choose from Five Exclusive Designs

NUVO-Glo™ Mosaics are exclusively designed for the NUVO-Glo™ UV Lighting System line of products; you will not find them anywhere else on the Internet except through your builder and exclusive distributors. Each mosaic is hand-made and inspected for maximum glow output.

Sea Turtle

6″ x 6″

NUVO-Glo Sea Turtle Glow Mosaic Turtle Glow Mosaic


12″ x 5.75″

NUVO-Glo Glow in the Dark Dolphin Mosaic Dolphin Glow Mosaic


5.75″ x 12″

NUVO-Glo Glow in the Dark Seahorse Mosaic Seahorse Glow Mosaic

Butterfly Fish

8″ x 6″

Mini Turtles

2″ x 2″ (each) — 10-Pack

Coming Soon!


NUVO-Glo Mosaic Catalog

Download the NUVO-Glo™ Mosaic Catalog


Last night I didn't turn on any lights in the pool and I came out with the dogs about 11 PM and my dolphins and turtles were glowing glowing glowing — just from the sun charging them all day!

Melinda C.Mansfield, TX

Premium Nighttime Glow with an Artistic Flair

NUVO-Glo™ Pool Mosaics are exclusive, glow-in-the-dark, resin-based mosaics that are formulated to give out the optimal glow every night. Each mosaic tile is hand-crafted and specifically designed for the NUVO-Glo™ UV Lighting System and will last throughout the duration of the life of your pool’s surface.

Is there any maintenance required for the mosaics?

No. If any residue ever accumulates on your mosaics, rub the surface with a soft sponge or cotton cloth to remove the residue.

Is there any risk of my mosaics coming loose from the surface?

Your NUVO-Glo™ Mosaics are reinforced with a mesh backing that is adhered to your mosaic tiles by a waterproof adhesive. Your builder will fuse the mesh with your plaster base to lock in your mosaic, making it virtually impossible for your tiles to dislodge from your surface.

Are the mosaics flush with my pool's surface?

Yes. Your NUVO-Glo™ Mosaics are flat on the surface to level perfectly with your surface.

How long does it take for my NUVO-Glo™ UV Lights to charge my mosaics once I turn them on?

Your NUVO-Glo™ UV Lights will charge your mosaics to 100% brightness within 15 seconds once you turn the lights on.

Can I put NUVO-Glo™ Mosaics in my fiberglass pool?

Yes, call (844) 688-6456 to place your order. Your mosaics have to be special ordered for fiberglass pools and they must be installed by you.

NOTE: Installation is not hard and actually “fun.” Installation instructions are sent with your mosaics.

Can I order a custom design for my pool?

Yes, however, creating your custom mosaic is labor-intensive from a design and manufacturing* standpoint. Please allow between four to eight weeks prior to your surface installation to receive your custom-designed mosaic.

*Custom design costs may apply.

Can I order only NUVO-Glo™ Mosaics without the aggregates or tiles?

Absolutely. The design and effects of your system are completely up to you. Your builder will help you make your concept and preferences your reality.

How long do the mosaics glow at night when charged to 100%?

Each tile varies in glow longevity during the night. All tiles glow throughout the entire night, however, the luminosity of ambient light from various sources such as firepits or traditional pool lighting may overcome the luminosity of your mosaic’s tiles. Less ambient lighting will produce a longer and brighter glow throughout the night.

Turn on your NUVO-Glo™ UV Lights to recharge your mosaics to 100% within 15 seconds.

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