Now You're Forever Swimming with the Stars... Now Let's Get You that Rebate!

Follow These Three Steps to Request Your Rebate

How to Request Your Rebate

Congratulations on joining the NUVO-Glo™ family!

Now that you have installed the NUVO-Glo™ UV Lighting System, you are two more easy steps away from receiving a $200 rebate. Please read the qualifications and terms below and fill out the form to receive your rebate.

Receive your rebate in three easy steps:

  1. Install the NUVO-Glo™ UV Lighting System in your pool.
  2. Take five pictures of your pool with the NUVO-Glo™ UV Lighting System turned on two weeks after your pool has been filled with water.*
  3. Fill out the form to the right and upload your images.

Terms and Conditions:

After the conditions above have been met, we will send you a confirmation that your form submission and images have been received. We will send your rebate check to you within 60 days after we receive your submission.

By submitting your images, you agree to grant us permission to publish your images on the website or on NUVO-Glo™ social media. If you would like us to give you credit for the images, please check the appropriate box in the form.

* We ask that you wait two weeks after your pool has been filled with water to take and submit pictures. To optimize the brightness of your NUVO-Glo™ Aggregates and be able to take great pictures, you will need to brush your pool a minimum of twice a day to remove the plaster residue that is left on your pool’s surface during the first couple of weeks.
Please read this article for tips on how to take great pictures of your pool at night.